10 Tips on How to Speed up your PC Performance for Free

How to Speed up your Computer

We all want a computer that operates at an optimum rate. But sometimes we faced lots of problems when our PC does not work properly or performing very slow. We don't know what to do in this situation. Yet we don't recognize exactly how to make it much faster. There are numerous factors that can contribute to your computer system running sluggish and they usually get worse with time.

How to Speed up your PC Performance for Free

This article explores these elements as well as recommendations on methods to speed up your computer :

1. Allow your COMPUTER startup totally prior to opening any applications.

2. Refresh the desktop after shutting any application. This will get rid of any type of unused documents from the RAM.

3. Do not set huge documents size images as your wallpaper. Do not keep a wallpaper at all if your PC is short on RAM.

4. Do not mess your Desktop computer with a lot of shortcuts. Each shortcut on the desktop consumes 500 bytes of RAM.

How to Speed up your PC Performance for Free

5. Empty the recycle container routinely. The files are not truly erased from your hard disk drive until you clear the recycle container.

6. Erase the momentary internet files consistently.

7. Defragment your hard drive when every 2 months. This will certainly maximize a great deal of room on your hard drive as well as re-arrange the documents so that your applications run quicker.
How to Speed up your PC Performance for Free

8. Always make two dividers in your hard drive. Set up all huge software program's (like 3DS Max, Photoshop, Autocad etc.) in the 2nd dividers. Windows uses all the available empty space in the C drive as virtual memory when your Computer system RAM is full. Keep the C Drive as vacant as feasible.

9. When setting up brand-new software's disable the option of having a tray icon. The tray symbols consume readily available RAM and also decrease the booting of your PC. Also, disable the option of beginning the application automatically when the PC boots.

How to Speed up your PC Performance for Free

10. Protect your PC from dirt. Dust causes the CPU cooling parts to jam and decrease thereby slowly heating your CPU as well as affecting the processing speed. Use pressed air to blow out any kind of dust from the CPU. Never utilize the vacuum cleaner.

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Follow the above mention points to speed up your PC performance.

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