List of Top 10 Best Free Email Service Providers

List of Top 10 Best Free Email Service Providers:

Hi visitor, today we have scrutinized top 10 best email service providers that are absolutely free. So let’s go to the list of best and free top 10 email services providers:
Top 10 Best Free E-Mail Service Providers
List of top 10 best free email service providers:

10. Mail.Com : In the list of top 10 best free email service providers, takes 10th place. It is a free email service with unlimited storage space, well security, spam protection and ability to access your email messages from mobile phone. The free email plan also comes with a clander, address book and online chat interface but does not offers IMAP or POP3 access. For more info click

09. GMX Mail: Global Mail Exchange (GMX) founded in the year of 1997 and it is a free webmail service. One user can register up to 10 individual GMX email address. The GMX comes with 5GB of email storage and a minimum attachment size of 50MB.  Visit and get details about the GMX Mail

08. Yandex.Mail : Yandex mail is another free email service. It has a lot to offer in terms of email storage and spam protection by yandex proprietary technologies. After registration, get an inbox space of 10GB and email attachment is 30MB. Go ahead and create a free email account on yendex click

07. Zoho Mail : Zoho Mail is a solid email services with ample storage, POP and IMAP access. Zoho Mail comes without display advertising. Zoho mail offer unlimited storage for personal use. Create free account in Zoho Mail click

06. Inbox.Com : is a another free user-friendly webmail. Registered users can send and receive up to 50MB attachment. It is offer up to 300GB of storage capacity. For register in kindly visit

05. AOL Mail : In the list of top 10 best free email service providers, AOL Mail is in the 5th place. It is a free web-based email (webmail) device provided by AOL. AOL launched in the year of 1993. It is also offer unlimited storage capacity and 2MB attachment limit. Create free email account in AOL visit

Top 10 Best Free E-Mail Service Providers
Top 10 Best Free E-Mail Service Providers |
04. Outlook.Com : is an another free webmail service by Microsoft and it is one of the world’s first webmail service. Outlook offer unlimited storage space and it had approximate 420 million active users. uses DMARC Specification to provide better security to users. It’s available in 106 languages. Web address of is

03. Rediffmail : Rediffmail is a web based free email service, provided by Rediffmail offers unlimited storage space to its customer. Approximate 95 million active users registered with rediffmail. This service is available in many Indian languages. Create a free account to receive & send mail kindly visit

02. Yahoo!Mail: Yahoo mail is another free email service offered by American Company Yahoo!, launched in the year of 1997. Yahoo Mail available in various languages and it has approximate 280 Million of users. For more info visit and registration kindly visit

01. Gmail : At the end of the list of top 10 free best internet service providers, obviously Gmail is the 1st choice of users and Gmail also takes 1st position in my list. It is a free email service and provided by Google. It is a very secure webmail service. Gmail generally public on Feb’2007. It is available in 72 languages and approximately 425 Million users registered with Gmail. Create a free Gmail account and enjoy. For more information about Gmail kindly go to the link

At the end point, I want to say all email service providers are good and all are comes with different features, before use of any service, be sure to explore all the options available and can use their full feature easily.

So visitor(s) enjoy the free services and comment me which is the best & why?

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  1. 1) Stay away from and They lock your email account for no reason leaving you high and dry without any access to your important emails. 2) Google's Gmail is not private. Not many email providers are, but Google is the worst of the offenders.

    I found this list as I've just been locked out of my GMX account and I'm looking desperately after an alternative that I can trust. The majority of email providers listed here do not suit my needs unfortunately.