Top 10 Fastest Internet Browsers for Android and Windows

Fastest Internet Browser for Android & Windows:

Every Internet user has doubts about which internet browser is the best & safe for their online activities. The maximum user doesn't know how to choose or select the best and fastest internet best browser, how to do its works and how to get the best performance from those browsers.

Here, discussing in detail the 10 best internet browsers for android & windows and their features, platforms, best performance etc. You can choose one or two best internet browsers for your pc and mobile. Also will explain why it is best & suitable for your online activities:

Top 10 Fastest Internet Browsers for Android and Windows

1. Google Chrome

In the list of 10 best and fast web browsers for PC & Mobile, Google Chrome has taken 1st position and also it is the 1st choice for every Internet User. It is a free Internet browser developed by Google Inc. released in 2008. Very fast browser, support Javascript. Malware blocking service and download time scanning protection are available in the Chrome Internet browser. Support plug-ins application, i.e Flash Player, etc. Translation bars are available in the Chrome browser for many languages.

Chrome internet browser’s available on the following platforms:

i) Windows: XP-Service Pack 2, 3 or later version, Windows 7, Windows 8, Vista, ii) Linux iii) OS X- 10.6 of the latest, iv) Android 4.0 or higher version, v) iPhone, iOS etc.

Google Chrome service users in the world in around 35%. Captured 1/3rd of total internet users.

Top 10 Fastest Internet Browsers for Android and Windows

2. Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer is developed by Microsoft Corporation, it is mainly a graphical type web browser release in 1995. The browser is available in 95 languages. For security purposes, Internet Explorer uses a zone-based security framework. 31% of users using Explorer in the world.

Internet Explorer is available on the following platforms:

i) Windows- 95 and later
ii) Windows NT 4 and later
iii) Mac OS
iv) UNIX

fastest internet browser

3. Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is one of the best internet browsers for android and windows. Firefox is free & open-source to use. It was developed by Mozilla Foundation and Mozilla Corporation & release in 2004 for Windows, Linux etc. operating systems. It is a Fast & Secured browser. It uses the Gecko engine, available in the 80+ language. Spells checking, smart bookmarking and a lot of features are available in these browsers.

Firefox uses Sandbox security and provided to use Smart cards for web application purposes. For privacy Mozilla recognized a trusted internet company in 2012.

Firefox is available on the following platforms:
i) Windows
ii) OS X
iii) Linux
iv) Android etc.

For installing in your Windows computer, the need system requirement is a Pentium 4 processor, 512 MB of RAM & 200 MB free space on your Hard Disk. Mozilla Firefox service users in the world in around 22%.

Top 10 Fastest Internet Browsers

4. Safari

In the list of top 10 best & fastest internet browsers for android and windows, Safari gets 4th position in this list. This browser was developed by Apple Inc. and released in 2003. It has lots of many features i.e. Book Mark, PDF viewing, Pop-up ad blocking, Auto fill Spell Checking, support CSS, HTML, Tabbed browsing, Text search, etc. Approximately 8% of internet users using the Safari browser.

Safari is available on the following platforms:

i) Windows XP- Service Pack-2 of the latest,
Vista, Windows 7
ii) OS X
iii) iOS
Top 10 Fastest Internet Browsers for Android and Windows

5. Opera Mini

Opera Mini was mainly designed for mobile phones & smartphones by Opera Software in 2005 but it also works very well on computer PC. An Opera performed to Java ME, Android, Bada, BlackBerry Operating System, Windows Mobile etc. 2% of total internet users using the Opera Mini Browser.

fastest Internet Browsers for Android

6. Maxthon

The Previous name was MyIE2 now renamed Maxthon. It is a freeware web browser developed in China by Maxthon International Limited. Release in 2012 for Microsoft Windows & Mac OS X. Browser size 30 MB with Microsoft Windows, OSX, Android & iOS for Operating platform. An automatic update is available.

Top 10 Fastest Internet Browsers for Android and Windows

7. Netscape

Netscape browser was published by AOL and developed by Mercurial Communications in 2008. Support operating system Windows XP, 2000, 98, ME. Automatic update regularly, pop-up advertisement blocker included with the browser.

Top 10 Fastest Internet Browsers for Android and Windows

8. Dolphin Browser

Dolphin is one of the famous web browsers for computers or laptops. Mainly Dolphin is a mobile browser for the Android and iOS operating systems. Developed by Mobo Tap Inc. in 2010. Support Android, iOS and Bada operating systems. The Dolphin is an award-winning application.

Internet Browsers for Android and Windows

9. BOLT Browser

It is an internet browser for mobile phones. Developed by Bit-stream Inc. and released in 2009. Languages support in English, Spanish and Russian. Work Java Me platform. Fast browser Support High & Low handset, JAVA Script and AJAX, availability to remove history & cookies, enable Wi-Fi auto-selection etc.

Internet Browsers for Android and Windows

10. Torch Browser

Torch-Light my web, a free web browser developed by Torch Media Inc. Support Microsoft Windows XP, SP2 and later, Mac OS X and is available in English, German, French, Spanish etc. language.

The above are the top 10 fastest internet browsers for Android and Windows. Now, you can choose as per your requirement. I am using Google Chrome, Firefox on my computer & Chrome, Opera Mini on my Mobile Phone.

I hope, it will help you to select or choose the best & fastest internet browser for mobile and pc. 

Comments me for any queries, information & suggestion. 

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Thanks for reading, Tada... :)

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