List of Top 10 Most Useful MS-DOS Commands

10 Most Useful MS-DOS Commands:

Microsoft Disk Operating System (MS-DOS) is an Operating System and it’s developed by Microsoft. Disk Operating System initial release in the year of 1981 and final release on 2000. DOS is an operating system with a command-line interface used on personal computers.

How to start MS-DOS in your computer with window operating system:

For Microsoft Windows XP: 

i) Open Run, type cmd, pressed enter button.

ii) Click Start Button, All Programs, Accessories, Command Prompt.

For Windows 7: 

i) Open Search Box, type cmd, pressed enter button.

ii) Click Start Button, All Programs, Accessories, Command Prompt.

After that, one black window will open this is MS-DOS operating system.

Find below the list of 10 most useful MS-DOS commands you should know:

01. CD (Change Directory): CD command used to switch directory.

Example: C:\users\user>
C:\users\user> cd:\ (enter)
C:\> cd D: (enter)

02. DIR: The dir command allows you to see the available files and directories in the current directory. By using this command, you find the last modification date and time, as well as the file size.

Example: C:\> dir (enter)

03. TREE: When we are creating a virtual spider web of directories & file etc. on the computer, sometimes we forget/confuse to remember where the everything is. The TREE Command helps you to find the same. Tree command showing you a diagram of directories & subdirectories in your computer.

Example: C:\> tree (enter)

04. COPY: By using copy command, you can copy files to alternative locations. 

Example: C:\> copy kolkata.txt d: (enter) 
(Copy the document file “Kolkata.txt to "d" drive)

05. DEL: Del is used for delete the created file you want from the computer.

Example: C:\> del Kolkata.txt (enter) 
(Kolkata.txt will be deleted from "C" drive when you used del command)

06. EDIT: You can create, modify, view etc. any file on your computer by using edit command.

Example: C:\> edit (enter) 

07. CLS: Cls means clear the screen. You can clear complete MS-DOS screen by this command. CLS command working like blackboard duster.

Example: C:\> cls (enter) 

8. PING: PING Command help in determining TCP/IP Network and address, check network problems and assists in resolving the same.

Example: C:\>ping (enter)

9. NET: NET Command is used to update, fix, view the network strength & setting etc.

Example: C:\>net (enter)

10. HELP: By using this command you can find lots of MS-DOS Command and details.

Example: C:\> help (enter)

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