10 Richest Countries in the World by GDP (PPP) Per Capita

10 Richest Countries in the World by GDP:

As per the based on Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita, I created a list below for the 10 richest countries in the world with some short information on each country. Take a look at the world’s 10 richest countries:
10. Ireland: In the list of 10 richest countries in the world, Ireland takes 10th place in this list. Ireland is an Island in the North Atlantic. The area of this country is approximate 84421 Km2 and the main language is English. The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita is $53,841.83

09. United States: In 10 richest countries list, United States takes 9th place as per GDP (PPP) per capita. New York City is the largest city and Washington D.C. is the capital of the United States. The National language is English and currency is the United States Dollar (USD). In the year of 2016 the estimated population of this country is 322369319 and as per GDP per capita is $55,904.30

08. Hong Kong: Hong Kong is another richest country in the world. It is a special administrative region of the People’s Republic of China. Hong Kong is known for its skyline and deep natural harbor. A recognized regional language is Cantonese and official languages are Chinese & English. As per the GDP (PPP) per capita, Hong Kong takes 8th positions in this list. In the year of 2013, the estimated GDP (Gross Domestic Product) per capita of the country is $56,689.15

07. Switzerland: Switzerland is one of the richest countries in Europe. The largest city of this country is Zurich and official languages are German, French, Italian and Romansh. As per Sept’2014, the populations of Switzerland estimated 8211700. Swiss France (CHF) the currency and GDP (PPP) per capita is $58,598.33

06. United Arab Emirates: United Arab Emirates (UAE) is located in the Southeast end of the Arabian peninsula of the Persian Gulf. The UAE’s Oil reserves are the seventh largest in the world and gas reserves are the world’s 17th largest. the capital of the countries is Abu Dhabi and largest city Dubai. The official language of UAE is Arabic and Religion is Islam. The currency of United Arab Emirates (UAE) is UAE Dirham (AED). The estimated GDP (PPP) per capita is $66,996.66

05. Norway: Norway is the 5th richest country in the world as per Gross Domestics Product per capita. The official language is Norwegian and the population estimated in the year of 2016 is 5214900 and Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita is $67,671.36

04. Brunei Darusssalam: 10 top richest countries list by GDP (PPP) per capita, Brunei Daruss-salam takes 4th positions. It was located on the north coast of Island of Borneo in Southeast Asia. Bandar Seri Begawan is the largest city of Brunei. The official language of Darussalam is Malay and Region is ISLAM. Currency name of this country is Brunei Dollar (BND) and estimated GDP (PPP) per capita is $78,475.63

03. Singapore: As per the Gross Domestic Product per capita, Singapore takes 3rd place. Singapore is a global city in Southeast Asia and the world’s only Island city-state. It was a global commercial financial and transportation hub. The currency of this country is the Singapore Dollar (SGD). Estimated GDP (PPP) per capita is $84,900.80

02. Luxembourg: Luxembourg the richest countries take 2nd place in the list of 10 richest countries in the world as per GDP per capita. Luxembourg is a country in Western Europe. The Capital of the country is Luxembourg City and the official language is Luxembourgish. The currency of Luxembourg is EURO. In the year 2015, the estimated GDP (PPP) per capita is $1,00,778.53

01. Qatar: In the list of 10 richest countries in the world as per GDP (PPP) per capita, Qatar takes 1st place. Qatar is the richest country in the world and is also the world’s 3rd largest natural gas reserves and oil reserved. The Doha is the capital and Arabic is the official languages. The religion of Qatar is Islam and the currency name is Riyal. The estimated Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita in 2015 is $1,33,039.60

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