10 Amazing Records Achieved by Indians

Everyone knows that there is no end to wonderful things in the world! Where some people are naturally weird, on the other hand, some people are famous in this world because of their weird hobbies. There were some strange records made by the Indians.

amazing records achieved by Indians

10. Typing with the nose:

Khurshid Hossain of Hyderabad has set a Guinness World Record by typing 103 characters in 47 seconds with the help of his nose. This is the fastest typing in the world with the help of the nose and it is one of the best records achieved by Indians.

9. Biggest Bread:

On 22 September 2012, Dagdu Seth made a Guinness World Record by making 145 kg of bread at the Ganapati Public Festival in Jamnagar, India. No country has had this record before.

8. Biryani:

In 2007, Delhi's Kohinoor Foods Limited set a world record by making 12,000 kg of biryani. In this preparation, 60 chefs make it together. Wow, it is the amazing records by Indians.

amazing records achieved by Indians

7. The world's smallest cow:

OMG, Yes, the world's smallest cow is in Kerala, India. The name of the cow is ‘Manikyam’. The cow is 81.5 cm.

6. First 100 Million YouTube:

India's T-Series YouTube Channel is the first YouTube channel in the world to gain 100 million subscribers.

5. Longest turban (Pagdi) in the world:

Avtar Singh Mauni, 60 years old from Patiala, Punjab, holds the record for the longest turban in the world. The turban is up to 645 meters long.

4. The world's longest mustache:

Ram Singh Chauhan, a resident of Jaipur, has set a world record for the largest mustache in the world. The mustache is 14 feet long.

3. Longest dance record:

Dancer Hemlata set a world record by dancing for 123 hours and 15 minutes at a dance academy in Kerala.

2. Most people do yoga together:

On June 21, 2015, 35,985 people participated in yoga on the streets of Delhi. This is the yoga done by one of the most people yet.

1. Most hugs in one hour:

Andhra Pradesh's Tekkali holds the world record by hugging 2436 people at once.

I hope you enjoyed reading these amazing records achieved by Indian.

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