10 Best Instant Approval Article Submission Sites List

Hello everyone, today I am sharing with you the 10 best free instant approval article submission sites list. Those are maintaining a website or blog it may be helpful to rank and get more traffic. 

Before going through the list of free instant approval article submission sites, I wish to discuss what is article submission, why article submission is important to rank your site, the advantage of article submission & which Article submission sites we should use?

free instant approval article submission sites list 2020

What is the article?

Now you are reading this actually it is an article. Simply an article is content that describes something. This article maybe 100 words to 1000 words or more. An article should be unique not copy-paste from other writers or webpage.

What is the article submission?

If you have knowledge about blogging or website, you must know that proper Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can rank your blog or website on Search Engines, so that you can generate more traffic and you may be a successful blogger. The main thing for ranking a website is an article and the article must be SEO friendly. Over the internet, there are many sites that are available; you can post your article there and generate some traffic from that.

Why article submission is important to the rank of your site?

Article submission is the best way to get quality backlinks for your website. Getting the Contextual backlink is not very easy from high authority and high page ranked sites normally. But you can get a backlink from the article submission site, after approval your content gets live and traffic comes to your site. Instant article submission sites best for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and if you want to rank and gets more visitor to your site by your target keywords.

Advantage or benefits of article submission :

➤ Increase traffic to your website. 
➤ Website gets popular 
➤ Rank in Search Engine 
➤ Increase link popularity 
➤ Rank your website with particular keywords 
Which Article submission sites we should use? 
➤ Must have good traffic 
➤ Must have high Domain Authority (DA) & PA (Page Authority) 
➤ Must offer a do-follow backlink 
➤ Must Instant approval/approval within 3 days 

Finally, I am giving the 10 best free instant approval article submission sites list below: 

1. quora.com 
2. linkedin.com 
3. medium.com 
4. tumblr.com 
5. articleside.com 
6. reddit.com 
7. bloglovin.com 
8. articlebiz.com 
9. hubpages.com 
10. articlesbase.com 

I Hope, 10 best free instant approval article submission sites will help you to generate high DA & PA backlinks and traffic. 

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Happy blogging and thanks for reading.

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