Top 10 World Famous Swiss Chocolate Brands

Famous Swiss Chocolate Brands

Hello everyone today I want to share with you a very interesting post on the top 10 world-famous Swiss chocolate brands. You will enjoy it after reading this full article on the best Swiss chocolate brands.

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Everybody knew very well that the best chocolates come from Switzerland. Everyone likes to eat chocolate. Many famous companies are presented in Switzerland and they are making very tasty chocolate for a long to serve the whole world.

I am discussing the 10 best brands of Swiss chocolate below:
swiss chocolate brands

10. Camille Bloch

One of the best Swiss chocolate brands. It was founded by Camille Bloch in 1929, manufacturing chocolates for over 80 years. Approximately 3700 tons of chocolate manufactured annually. Ragusa and Torino are the most popular products in Switzerland. Camille Bloch’s products are available all over the country.

swiss chocolate brands

09. Ovomaltine

Ovomaltine is another Swiss chocolate brand. It is a registered trademark of Associated British Foods. It is a brand of milk flavoring product made with malt, sugar and whey. Some flavors also used cocoa. The popular chocolate malt version is a powder that is mixed with hot or cold milk as a beverage. Hot chocolate, Nesquik, Yoo-hoo are the product name and Ovaltine has also been available in the form of chocolate bars, chocolate Easter eggs, parfait, cookies, and breakfast cereals etc.
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08. Mövenpick

Mövenpick takes 8th place in my list of top 10 world-famous Swiss Chocolate brands. Mövenpick was the winner of the ice cream category in the 2018 Chefs' Choice Awards, and their Cinnamon ice cream received the most positive marks from the judging panel. The owner of the Mövenpick is Froneri. Visit Mövenpick Site for more info.
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07. Nestle

Everyone known Nestle as a brand or manufacturer of baby food and also it was a famous Swiss chocolate brand. Nestle was founded in 1866 as Anglo-Swiss Condensed Milk Company. Henri Nestlé was the founder of this company. Nestlé is the world’s largest food and beverage company. More than 2000 brands and available in more than 190 countries around the world. Nestle manufactured various types of products like Baby food, coffee, dairy products, breakfast cereals, confectionery, bottled water, ice cream, pet foods etc. More than 352,000 employees are working in this organization. Visit for more information.

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06. Milka

Milka is another famous Swiss chocolate brand. Mondelez International is the owner. In 1901, "Milka" chocolate was packaged in the famous lilac-colored packaging first time. Milka is sold in a number of packages and flavors, some of which are Alpine Milk, Choco-Swing, White Chocolate, Choco and Biscuit, Strawberry Yogurt, Cow Spots or Happy Cow etc. Visit here for more information about Milka.

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05. Frey

Frey is one of the best Swiss chocolate and Chewing gum brands. The company founded in 1887 by two brothers Robert and Max Frey. It is a leading chocolate manufacturer in the Swiss market. More than 1000 nos. of the employee are working in this company. Frey is ISO 9001, ISO 14001, FSSC 22000 (Food Safety System Certification) & IFS (International Food Standard) certified company. The web address of Frey

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04. Cailler

Cailler is the oldest and most famous Swiss chocolate brand. Some of the famous chocolate products of Caileer are Ambassador, Chocmel Milk Chocolate Tablet. Cremant Dark, Cuisine Dark Chocolate etc. Cailler celebrates 200 years of sharing their passion for chocolate excellence.

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03. Toblerone

Toblerone takes 3rd positions in the list of top 10 world-famous Swiss chocolate brands. It was created by Email Baumann & Theodor in 1908. Toblerone is known for its distinctive shape, which involves a series of joined triangular prisms.

swiss chocolate brands

2. Läderach

Läderach is another famous Swiss chocolate brand. In 1962, Rudolf Läderach Jr. has founded the company. Over 1000 employees are working in this company. Manufacturing unit presented at Ennenda and chocolate factory at Bilten in Switzerland. Laderach sale point available in 13 different countries and worldwide sales via the online shop. Visit to know more about Laderch, the famous Swiss chocolate brand.
swiss chocolate brands

1. Lindt

Lindt the no. 1 Swiss chocolate brand, is famous in the chocolate market for premium quality chocolate. Lindt offering a large section of the product to more than 120 countries all over the world. The beginnings of Lindt & Sprüngli are in 1845, with the partnership of father & son. They have more than twelve production sites in the USA and Europe, 25 branch offices, 410 own stores & more than 100 independent distributors all over the world. Over 14000 employees are working with Lindt Swiss chocolate company. Lindt making chocolate for 175 years & no doubt it is the world-famous chocolate brand as well as one of the best Swiss chocolate brands. 

I hope readers get some information on the top 10 world-famous Swiss chocolate brands. Thanks for reading.

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