Top Ten Best Football Clubs in the World of All Time

Top Ten Best Football Clubs in the World of All Time :

Hi visitors, I prepared a list of top 10 best football clubs in the world of all time. But it is really difficult to say which the best is in the world of football. All clubs are “Giants” of the football world. Here I created a list with some details about the best 10 football clubs in the worlds. Some of you, of course, will not agree with me but this is only my personal opinion. Hope visitors will enjoy it.
List of Top Ten Best Football Clubs in the World of All Time:

top 10 best football clubs in the world

10. Liverpool Football Club: Liverpool F.C. is one of the best football clubs in the world. Liverpool was founded in the year of 1892, 122 years of old. It is one of the most successful clubs in England. John Houlding the founder and Fenway Sports Group is the owner of Liverpool F.C. Liverpool reached its first FA Cup (Football Association Challenge Cup) in the year of 1914. Club’s sites address www.liverpoolfc.com.

09. Manchester City Football Club: Manchester City F.C. is Premier League Football Club in Manchester, England. The Club founded in 1880 as St. Mark’s and 1894 at Manchester City. Owner of this club is City Football Group. The ground name City of Manchester Stadium. For more info visit www.mcfc.com

08. Juventus Football Club: In the List of Top Ten Best Football Clubs in the World, Juventus F.C. takes 8th positions in this list. Juventus established in the year of 1897, 117 years ago by a group of young students. Owner of this F.C. is Agnella Family. It is the most successful club in Italian Football. Club’s Home Page www.juventus.com 
07. Chelsea Football Club: Chelsea F.C. is an English Premier League Football Club. Founded in the year of 1905. Ground Name Stamford Bridge and seat capacity are approximate 41,500. Visit www.chelseafc.com for details info.

06. AC Milan Football Club: In the list of the world’s best football club, AC Milan takes 6th position in my list. AC Milan is a professionally Italian Football Club. Full name of this club is Associazione Calcio Milan. It is founded in 16th Dec’ 1899, 115 years ago. Club’s ground name San Siro, Milan. Site address www.acmilan.com

05. Bayern Munich Football Club: F.C. Bayern Munich is a German Sports Club based in Munich, Bavaria. It is the best successful club in German football history. The Club’s won 24 National Titles and 17 National Cups. The Bayern F.C. founded in the year of 1900. Ground name Allianz Arena with 75,000 seated capacity. League name of this club is Bundesliga. Visit www.fcbayern.de for more.

 04. Arsenal Football Club: Arsenal F.C. is also a Premier League football club based in Holloway, London. It is one of the most successful club’s in English football. Arsenal F.C. established in the year of 1886, it is 128 years of the oldest club. The Club’s ground name is Emirates Stadium, Holloway, London with approximate 60,000 seated capacities. Club’s website www.arsenal.com

03. Barcelona Football Club: Full name of this club is Futbol Club Barcelona and it takes 3rd place in the list of Top Ten Best Football Clubs in the World of All Time. The Barcelona F.C. established 114 years ago in the years of 1899. League name is La Liga. Home ground name Camp Nou, it has 99,786 seated capacities. In the season 2009 the membership figures of this club approximately 170000. The F.C. Barcelona’s all-time highest goalscorer is Lion Messi with 354 goals. For more info about one of the best football club in the world kindly visit the club’s website www.fcbarcelona.com

02. Manchester United Football Club: Manchester United F.C. takes 2nd place in the list of world’s best football clubs. It is one of the most successful clubs in English Football. Nickname of this club is “The Red Devils”. The Red Devils established in the years of 1878, 136 years ago. Ground Name of this club is Old Trafford with approximate 75,731 seated capacities. It is a Premier League based club. Manchester United F.C. has won the most league titles of any English Clubs and most popular football club in the world with one of the highest average home attendance in Europe. In Jan’2013, the clubs become the first sports team in the world to be valued at 3 billion dollars. To know more, www.manutd.com

01. Real Madrid Football Club: Real Madrid Club de Futbol is the world best football club and takes 1st place in the list of top ten best football clubs in the world. It is a professional Football Club based in Madrid, Spain. The Great club founded in the years of 1902, 112 years ago. The Ground name of this club is Santiago Bernabell Stadium with 81,044 seated capacities. League name La Liga. Real Madrid F.C. is the world’s richest football clubs in terms of revenue, with an annual turnover of 604 million euro. The worth of this club is 3.4 billion dollars. Real Madrid’s traditional home colors are all white. Raul is Real's all-time top goal scorer with 323 goals in 741 games (1994-2010). The fastest goal in the history of the clubs was scored by Brazilian Ronald on 3rd December 2003 during a league match against Atletico Madrid (15 seconds). The clubs also hold the record for winning the European Cup/UEFA Champions League ten times. Visit club’s home page www.realmadrid.com for details.   

 I think it is nothing for football lovers. I am just giving some short information on the best football clubs in the world. If the articles are helpful for visitors I will be happy about that. Waiting for valuable Comments, suggestion, information from my visitors.etc. Thanks.

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