Top 10 Largest Diamonds of The World

Top 10 Largest Diamonds of The World:

Top 10 Largest Diamonds of The World

10| The Millennium Star: 

The Millennium Star one of the largest diamond in the world. The 10th largest diamond The Millennium Star’s is 203.04 carats. It is also counted in the list of the most expensive diamond. The real price of the Millennium Star is still unknown while it has the insurance value of 100 Million English Pound.

09| The Red Cross: 
In the list of Top 10 largest diamond of the world, the Red Cross is taking 9th position. The weight of The Cross is 205.07 carats and estimated price is approximate US D 3 Million. A unique feature in this diamond is, it is extremely visible in the dark for its shining surface.

08. The De Beers:
It is discovered in Kimberly mines in 1888. The De Beers was last bought by the Maharaja of Patiala. The weight of the diamond is 234.65 carats.

07| The Jubilee: 
The Jubilee is taking 7th position in the list of top 10 largest diamonds in the world. It was founded in 1895 in South Africa and the Jubilee is now located in Royal Thai Place. The weight of the Jubilee is 245.35 carats.

06. The Century: 
The Century is the 6th largest diamond in the world, founded in 1986. The weight of the Heart Shape diamond is 273.85 carats. 

05| The Great Mogul Diamond: 
5th largest diamond the Great Mogul Diamond is staying in 5th position in the list about top ten largest diamonds in the world. The shape of this diamond is the same shape as the egg cut in half and a weight of 280.00 carats. In the history of The Great Mogul Diamond, many people think that the diamond is a cut piece of famous Kohinoor diamond or other says it may be the cut from Daria-I-Noon. Anyway, you have any idea about the history of the Great Mogul Diamond, so comment me.

04| The Spirit of de Grisogono Diamond: 
It is the world largest cut black diamond. Weight is 312.24 carats. It was taken from its origin in West Central Africa.

03| The Incomparable: 
Is the 3rd largest diamond of the world, founded in the Democratic Republic of Congo in 1980. The weight of this diamond is 407.48 Carats. This diamond was adjusted in a ring which has an estimated value of USD 600000.00.

02| The Cullinan I: 
The 2nd largest diamond of the world also known as the star of Africa. The weight of the diamond is 530.20 Carats, estimated value of Cullinan I is USD 400 Million.

01| The Golden Jubilee: 
At the end of this article and the list of top 10 largest diamonds in the world, the Golden Jubilee is ranked 1st and it is the largest diamond in the world. Weight is 545.67 Carats. The brown Golden Jubilee was founded in 1985 in South Africa. The first name of this diamond was ‘Unnamed Brown’. The estimated value of the Golden Jubilee is USD 10-12 Million.

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