Top 10 Footwear Manufacturer Countries in The World

10 footwear manufacturing countries

Shoes are one of the most necessary accessories for human beings. It is also an exportable product. Different countries of the world produce footwear and export them to different countries and earn a lot of foreign exchange.

footwear manufacturing

Below is the list of the top 10 footwear manufacturing countries in the world :

footwear manufacturing


Turkey produces about 180 million pairs of footwear every year. Turkey's rich leather industry provides a good foundation for the country to produce shoes. Boots and slippers are usually produced in this country. There are a total of 688 shoe manufacturing companies in the country. 

footwear manufacturing


Italy produces about 205 million pairs of shoes a year. This country is world-famous for different brands of shoes and leather. The designers of this country are world-renowned for making high heel shoes for men and women.

footwear manufacturing

➤ Mexico: 

Mexico produces 245 million pairs of shoes each year. Skilled local workers, good design and durable materials have provided shoe exporters a good foundation for shoe production. The famous cowboy boots of this country are made by hand for both the local retail market and export.

footwear manufacturing

➤ Thailand: 

Thailand produces 245 million pairs of shoes every year, the equivalent of Mexico. Sports shoes, student shoes, sandals and fashion shoes are usually made in this country. Good quality leather footwears are available in this country. Moreover, wholesale shoes can be purchased at extremely low prices.
footwear manufacturing

➤ Pakistan: 

Pakistan produces 295 million pairs of footwear every year. The Pakistan International Footwear Show and the Pakistan International Manufacturers Association are very well known worldwide. International quality shoes of different brands are made in this country.

footwear manufacturing

➤ Indonesia: 

Indonesia produces 670 million pairs of shoes every year. Manufacturers are attracted to shoes in this country because of their low wages and good quality shoes. Even in the international market, the demand for shoes in this country is higher than in China and Korea. 

footwear manufacturing

➤ Vietnam: 

Vietnam produces 770 million pairs of shoes every year. The country has increased shoe production by about 160 percent in recent years. In Vietnam, canvas shoes, sports shoes and sandals are usually made of leather.

footwear manufacturing

➤ Brazil: 

Brazil produces about 900 million pairs of shoes each year. The country is currently ranked third in terms of shoe production. This is possible due to the high quality of leather and the low wages of the workers. 

footwear manufacturing

➤ India: 

India produces 2.2 billion pairs of shoes every year. As a result, the country is currently the second-largest footwear manufacturer country in the world. Shoe production in this country has increased by about 55 percent in recent years. High quality and low price leather have made it possible to increase production. Indian shoe manufacturers focus more on making men's shoes.

footwear manufacturing


China has been leading the shoe market around the world for the past few years. The country is the no. 1 footwear manufacturer country in the world by produces about 12.7 billion pairs of shoes a year. Compared to other exporting countries, the country's shoe production is huge. In addition to the international market, the country also has a large domestic market.

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