Top 10 Most Popular File Sharing Websites

Top 10 Most Popular File Sharing Websites:

Hi! I am providing you a list below regarding top 10 most popular file sharing sites in the world, you can upload & download your file, music, videos etc. Hope it will be helpful. 
File Sharing Sites

10. Files Tube: In the list of top 10 most popular file sharing sites, Files Tube takes 10 places. File Tube was a Meta search engine. It provides many services like, file sharing, uploading etc. and also included sections for videos, game, lyrics and software. One of the best popular file sharing sites FileTube launched on June’2007 with Chinese, English, French, German, Polish, Russian and Spanish languages. For more info kindly visit

09. is another famous file sharing websites. Box ( based in Redwood city, California. It is an online file sharing and content management service for business, The Box was founded in the year of 2005, Box is a cloud computing business which provides file-sharing, collaborating and other tools for working with files that are uploaded to its servers. Visit for further information.

08. provides you 100% free file hosting solution with just one click with fast and easy. Only people knowing the exact download URL are able to download your file. Your file will be deleted when it has not been accessed for more than 90 days or use delete option. Site address

07. 2shared: 2shared is a large, easy and convenient storage for any sorts of files, you can enjoy music composition. 2shared gives you an excellent opportunity to store your music files and also upload your most recent video clips by any device and let the others see what you saw. You can always browse your recent uploads and downloads to your computer any file you might find in the collection of 2shared. So visit and share your file.

06. Rapid Share: Rapid Share is one of the best & most popular file-sharing sites in the world. It was an online file hosting service that opened in 2002 as an online backup service. Rapid Share available in English, French, German & Spanish languages. Visit and shard files for free with others via PC and Mobile devices easiest.

05. Zippy Share: In the list of top 10 most popular file sharing sites, Zippy Share takes 5th place in this list. It is completely free, reliable and popular way to store file online. Zippy Share offers fast download speeds and file can be downloaded at any time as you need it. You can upload maximum filesize for a single file is 200 MB. The file life is 30 days after no activity. Visit Zippy Share site and enjoy

04. Media Fire: Media Fire is another popular file sharing sites in the world, Media Fire is a file hosting, file synchronization and cloud storage service based in Shenandoah, Texas, United States. It was founded in the June’2006 by Derek Labian and Tom Langridge. Media Fire has 43 Million registered users and attracted 1.3 billion unique visitors to its domain. For more information visit

03. 4Shared: 4shared is a free online file-sharing service that provides storage for music, video and photo files. 4shared provide users with 10GB of online storage space. Users required registering to get this service. If you do not login the account for 180 days then your file stored with free accounts are removed. 4shared is a Ukraine, Kiev based file storage and sharing service, it was founded in 2005 and is one of the World’s largest file hosting sites. 4shared transferred approximate 317 terabytes (TB) of file every day and handling up to 11 million users simultaneously. Visit and upload your files.

02. Dropbox: In the list of top 10 most popular file sharing sites, dropbox takes 2nd place. It is a file hosting service by American Company Dropbox.Inc. Dropbox offers cloud storage, file synchronization and personal cloud etc. Dropbox founded in 2007 and available in 15+ languages. Actually, dropbox is an online backup service. Dropbox users are offered a free account with a set storage size and paid subscriptions for accounts with more capacity. All basic users are offered for 2GB of free online storage. It is allowed to create a separate folder on their computers. Website address

01. Google Drive: Google drive is the best file sharing site and also files storage synchronization service providers. Users can store files in the cloud, share files and edit documents, spreadsheets and presentation with collaborators. Google Drive was launched on April’2012. It gives every user 15 GB of online storage space, which is shared across 3 (three) of its used service, google drive, Gmail, and google+photos. Google Drive file sharing available in 105 languages and over 950 million active users are using this service. For more information about one of the most popular file sharing sites Google Drive, kindly visit

So why late, start and enjoy. Thanks for reading.

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