Top 10 Most Useful Keyboard Shortcuts Every Computer Geek Should Know

Top 10 Most Useful Keyboard Shortcuts:

You are a computer expert and know to keyboard shortcuts features very well then you can greatly increase your productivity. I created below a list of the top 10 most useful keyboard shortcuts with an example. Hope you will enjoy using it:

10. Ctrl+C or Ctrl+Insert and Ctrl+V: 

Ctrl+C/Ctrl+Insert: It is most useful keyboard shortcuts. Ctrl+C/Ctrl+Insert will copy of the highlighted text or selected object/item.

Ctrl+X: Ctrl+X will cut the highlighted text or selected object/items instead of copy.

09. Ctrl+V or Shift+Insert: 

When you cut or the copy of any text/item, then you can use Ctrl+V or Shift+Insert to paste the text/item in the next field.

08. Ctrl+F: 

By using this shortcut of keyboard you can find a text/file in a computer or web browser.

07. Ctrl+S: 
When you working with word excel & web page etc. by using these keyboard shortcuts you can save the same.

06. Ctrl+Z: 
Ctrl+Z and Ctrl+ Y: Pressing Ctrl+Z will undo any recent change. If you cut any text, pressing this will undo the same and pressing Ctrl+Y would redo the same.

05. Ctrl+P: 
By using these shortcuts you can print any documents/files or anything on the PC.

04. Ctrl+A: 
Using these keyboard shortcuts you can select or highlight all text/file at a time.

03. Alt+F4: 
This keyboard shortcut will help to close/quit a windows program etc.

02. Windows Key+M: 
To minimize the current window program.

01. Ctrl+Alt+Del: 
To open the taskbar to see what’s program or system is running in the background on the computer.

More Shortcuts: 

11. Windows+E: 
To open windows explorer.

12. Windows+L: 
To lock the windows.

I hope you will use the above keyboard shortcuts and increased your work capability & productivities. Thanks for reading.


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