List of Top 10 Best and Most Popular Sites to Watch Videos in India

Top 10 Popular Sites to Watch Videos in India :

10 Best and Most Popular Sites to Watch Videos

👉10| Twitch: is one of the best sites to watch videos in India. taking 10 places in the list of top 10 sites to watch videos in India. It is a live streaming video platform owned by launched in June’2011. The website has an average of 43 million viewers per month. You can get full entertainment, you can play, watch, games and chat with other gamers around the globe. Site address of twitch is

👉09| Big Flix: 

Big Flix is another famous site to watch videos in India. It is a Reliance Entertainment owned movies on demand service. It is India’s first movies on demand service. Big Flix was founded in 2012 and headquarters at Mumbai in India. You can watch movies, movies trailers and reviews on Indian Entertainment. Different types of movies are available like action, comedy, drama, romance etc. and services are available in several languages like Hindi, Telugu, Tamil & Bengali. You can watch over 2000 movies in a different language. Website address

👉08| Vube: 

Vube was started on January’2013. It is a famous site to watch videos in India and also videos sharing website globally. You can upload and watch videos from different uploaders. Visit the Vube site and enjoy. Website address

👉07| Live Leak: 

Live Leak is UK based videos sharing website but it is also famous in India. It was founded in October’2006 by various Co-founders. The slogan of Live Leak is “Redefining the Media”. It was available in the English language. You can watch and upload videos and it is a global platform for the sharing of videos related to different genres like News, Politics & Entertainment etc. Site address of Live Leak is

👉06| Break: 

In the list of top 10 sites to watch videos in India, staying 6th place in this list. It is an entertainment and humor website- founded in 1998. You can find lots of videos, flash game and pictures etc. from The website’s target audience is men 18-32 years. Website address

👉05| Vine: 

Vine is the best videos site to watch videos in India. Vine can be used to record and edit video clips. One addition facility provided by vine is that “Videos can be looped”, that shows the popularity of the video. You can share videos liked by the team and also you can watch videos from different channels like comedy, sports, news etc. Vine site address

👉04| Vimeo: 

Vimeo is another site to watch videos in India. The Vimeo was founded in the year of 2004 and headquarters in New York City, United States. This site founded by Zach Klein & Jake Lodwick. You can easily upload, share & views videos from Vimeo. Website address

👉03| One India: 

One India is an Indian online portal founded by BG Mahesh and owned by Geranium Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd. This website provides news updates, sports events, travel, entertainment, business, lifestyle, videos and classified in 7 different languages. The famous site founded in the year 2006. One India available in English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Bengali & Gujarati etc.  languages. Visit the One India and watch your favorite events. Website address

👉02| Daily Motion: 

Daily Motion is one of the top 10 videos sites to watch videos in India. It was founded in March’2005 and headquarters in Paris, France. Daily Motion also available in 35 countries and 18 languages. You can also upload, watch and share videos easily from here. Site address

👉01| YouTube: 

What is YouTube? I think everybody knows the answer. Yes, YouTube is an online video sharing website. It was founded in Feb’2005 and headquartered at San Bruno, California, United State. The slogan of YouTube is “Broadcast Yourself”.  YouTube is available in 78 languages. The service was created by three former pay Pal employees in Feb’2005. In November’2006 it was bought by Google for US$ 1.65 Million. You can upload, view, download & share videos, find lots of videos from TV Show, Music, Sports, News & Gaming etc. You can also subscribe to different channels as per your interests. Website address

 So visitors enjoy and watching movies, songs, game etc. online with above top 10 sites to watch videos in India. Don’t forget to share with your friends & family and also don’t forget to comment. Thanks for reading the article. Enjoy more & more because entertainment has no limits.

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