List of Top 10 Best and Largest Banks in the World

26 May 0
Hi Visitors, today I am sharing below the list of top 10 best & largest banks in the world as per ranked by total assets:

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List of Top 10 Best and Largest Banks in the World | www.plustenz.com

01. Industrial & Commercial Bank of China (ICBC): ICBC is the best bank in the world and it is one of the largest banks as per total assets and market capitalization. ICBC was founded in the year of 1984 as a limited company and it does headquarter in Beijing in China. The customer of this ICBC’s gets following services from here:
i) Finance & Insurance ii) Consumer/Corporate Banking iii) Investment Banking iv) Private Equity v) Mortgages vi) Credit Cards etc. Approximate 4,06,000 nos. of employees are engaged here. Industrial & Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) ranks No.1 in The Banker’s Top 1000 World Bank’s Ranking and No.1 on Forbes Global 2000 list of the World’s biggest Public Companies. Total assets of ICBC are approximate 3.3 Trillion US dollars. Web site address www.icbc.com.cn  

02. China Construction Bank Corporation: China Construction Bank Corporation is a public type of banking service. It was founded in the year 1954 and located in Beijing in China. The product of This bank is same as ICBC. The China Construction Bank Corporation is the 2nd largest bank in the world by market capitalization and 13th largest company in the world. Its headquarter is in Xicheng District, Beijing in China. The China Construction Bank Corporation is a member of the Global ATM Alliances, which allows customers of the banks to use their ATM Card at another bank within the Global ATM Alliances with no transaction fees when traveling internationally. A total asset of this bank is US$ 2.7 Trillion and 3,29,500 numbers of employees are working here. Web site address www.ccb.com 

03. HSBC Holdings: HSBC is a Public Limited Company. It was founded in March’1865 and founder name is Thomas Sutherland. HSBC’s headquarter at Canada Square, Canary Wharf in London, UK. HSBC provided the following services: i) Consumer/Corporate Banking, ii) Investment Banking iii) Mortgage Loan iv) Private Banking, v) Wealth Management vi) Credit Card's viii) Finance & Insurance. Near about 2,66,300 numbers of employees are engaged directly to this bank and total assets are 2.60 Trillion US dollars. Web site address of HSBC is www.hsbc.com

04. Agricultural Bank of China: Agricultural Bank of China Limited is a Public type of banking service. This bank was founded in 1951 in Beijing in China. Service is the same as the above banks. The number of employees is approximate 4,44,300 and the total asset value is US$ 2.57 trillion. To more info. about this bank kindly visit www.abchina.com

05. JP Morgan Chase & Co.: JP Morgan Chase & Co. is a leading global financial services firm and one of the largest and best banking institution in the world. JP Morgan Chase & Co. Founded in the year of 1799 and its headquarter in New York City, New York in U.S. lots of products are available like Asset Management, brokerage services, commercial banking, money market, consumer banking, corporate banking, credit cards, insurance, forex exchange trading, foreign currency exchange, risk management, mortgage loan etc. A total asset of this bank is US$ 2.57 Trillion and 2,65,360 numbers of employees are working here. Website address www.jpmorganchase.com

06. BNP Paribas: BNP Paribas is a Financial Service Company and it is the French Bank. BNP (Banque National de Paris) founded in the year of 1848, Paribas founded in 1872 and BNP Paribas was founded in the year of 2000. BNP Paribas headquarters in Boulevard des Italians, Paris in France. It is one of the best and largest banks in the world. Numbers of employees of BNP Paribas are more than 200000 and total assets are 2.52 Trillion USD. Site address- www.bnpparibas.com

07. Bank of China: Bank of China Limited is a Public type service. It was founded in 1912 in Beijing in China. Owner of this bank is the Government of the People’s Republic of China. Total assets of this bank are 2.46 trillion US dollar and over 305680 nos. of employees are working here. Website address is www.boc.cn

08. Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group: Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group Inc. is the best and largest bank in the world. It is a Japanese Bank and founded in the year 2005. Headquarter at Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo in Japan. Personal banking, corporate banking, investment banking, investment management, wealth management, mortgage, credit card etc. products are offered by this bank. Approximately 90000 nos. of employees are available here. “Quality for you” the slogan of MUFJ Bank. Site address www.mufg.jp

09. Bank of America: Bank of America (BofA) is an American multinational banking and financial services corporation. It was founded in the year of 1904 (As Bank of Italy). Headquarter of this bank presents at Charlotte, North Carolina in the United State. Approximate 233000 nos. of employees connected with this bank. Total assets US$ 2.1 trillion. Site address www.bankofamerica.com

10. Deutsche Bank: Deutsche Bank AG is German banking & a financial service company. It was founded in the year of 1870 and it's headquartered present in the Deutsche Bank Twin Tower, Frankfurt in Germany. It has more than 100000 nos. of employees in over 70 countries. A total asset of Deutsche bank is 2.07 Trillion US dollars. Consumer Banking, Corporate Banking, Finance & Insurance etc. product is available. The site address of DB is www.db.com


Top 10 Most Downloaded Free Android Apps for Android Lovers

06 May 0
Hi Friends! Today I am sharing with you about the top 10 most downloaded free android apps and some features, service and the short description on each app. Hope the article obviously help to android lovers. Let’s see the list of top 10 most downloaded Android Apps:

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Top 10 Most Downloaded Free Android Apps for Android Lovers | www.plustenz.com

1. What's App Messenger: What's App Messenger is the best and most downloaded free android app and it is a cross-platform mobile messaging app. You can exchange messages without pay any charges for SMS through iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows & Android phone. It was developed by Whats App Inc. (owned by FaceBook). Whats App Inc. founded in the year of 2009 by Jan Koum & Brian Acton. User’s of Whats App application can send text messages, images, videos etc. by spent some Internet Data. As per April’2015 approximate 800 million active users are using What's App application in their Android mobile phone. For more information visit Whats App Site – www.whatsapp.com

2. LEO Privacy Guard: LEO Privacy Guard is trusted privacy protection tools for your android phone. By using this app, keep your phone safe from annoying snoopers. This app protects you personally when your parents/girlfriend/boyfriend trying to go through your messages, gallery and FB when you are absent. You can get more service from LEO Privacy Guard like automatically lock or unlock by desired time & location, safe your device with privacy alerts, your data plan and battery usage keep under control etc. Know more visit www.loemaster.com

3. FaceBook Messenger App: FaceBook App help you in keeping up with friends are faster than ever. You can share photos and videos, get notified when friends like and comments on your post. You can also play games and use your favorite apps by using this application FaceBook announced that you can get easy access to the next version of Facebook for Android by becoming a beta tester. Everybody knows that FaceBook is one of the top best social networking websites and it is the giant of social media activities in the world of internet. More info about this app please visit www.facebook.com

4. UC Browser for Android: UC browser is known for its speed and dependability. UC browser for android sports good performance and lots of useful features. This app gives you almost all of the features you love on your desktop browser. The browser uses high-end compression technology rendered by a server to provide faster browsing and less data usage. It is most downloaded free android apps which never fail to disappoint its users. Web address of UC Browser’s www.ucweb.com

5. IMO Android App: IMO is an android app for free video calls and chats with your friends and family. To avoid SMS and phone call charges you can use IMO to send unlimited messages and voice call over your 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi connection. It is cleaned, simple and easy to use interface, no need to create an account with imo. IMO is available on the web, Android, iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry and also work across all platforms. Visit https://imo.im to get details about the world most popular and most downloaded free android app IMO.

6. Hotstar Live TV: You want to watch live TV shows, movies and live sports on your android device? Don’t worry you have to download Hotstar live TV app on your android phone, it is the complete solution for you to watch the live TV shows, movies, videos and live cricket for completely free of charge! Hurry up! Download the most downloaded android app and access full-length episode, full-length English, Hindi, Tamil and Bengali etc. movies. Hotstar also allows you to download videos the o device so that you can watch it offline when the network is limited. Hotstar app is absolutely free, registration is optional but you will enjoy the experience as a registered user and the experience is still free but data charges applicable as per your internet/mobile operator when you stream/download content. Website address of Hotstar is www.hotstar.com

7. Shareit: Shareit is one of the top downloaded android transfer tools on Google Play in India. Approximate more than 200 million users’ using this app on their mobile. Shareit’s transferring anything photos, videos, contracts, app and everything with fast transferring speed. The best-transferring speed of Shareit is up to 20M/s, which is 200 times faster than Bluetooth speed. Know more about Shareit please visit the official site www.ushareit.com

8. Opera Mini for Android: Opera Mini is one of the best browsers in the world. Opera Mini browser for Android gives you a fantastic web experience at the fastest speeds. It is the best browser for android version and it is free. So install Opera Mini Android App and enjoy the web on your device. Have any question or need help? Kindly visit http://www.opera.com/sv/help/mini/android

9. MX Player: MX Player is the most downloaded free android app. It is the best way to enjoy your movies. MX Player supports multi-core decoding, you can easily zoom in & out by pinching and swiping across the screen. Visit XDA MX Player forum site and know more http://forum.xda-developers.com/apps/mx-player

10. Cricbuzz Cricket Scores & News: Cricbuzz is the No.1 cricket app, most-highly rated sports app and also a most downloaded android app. If you install the app in your android phone, you can get always updated news of all International Cricket, ICC World Cup T20, IPL and tons of Domestic Cricket, score updates and ball by ball text commentary etc. Using this app in your android phone you can share the score via SMS/e-mail and also can share the score of FB/Twitter. Visit www.cricbuzz.com and collect more information on the most downloaded free android app-Cricbuzz. 

So visitor what are you thinking? Download those apps directly from the Google Play Store and enjoy. One question: what is your first choice/best app from the above list? Always welcome!! Comments me for any suggestion & information. Thanks for reading, hope to get some info. about most downloaded android apps.           

List of Top 10 Most Visited Museums in the World

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Hi blog readers, today I am sharing the list of top 10 most visited museums in the world as per the number of attendances received per year. What is the museum? I think our visitor(s) all are known the definition of a museum, yes! Generally, a museum is a Permanent Institution where the collect object of historical, scientific & artistic etc. and make them available for the public for some entry charge. Anyway, let’s see the following list of the top 10 most visited museums in the world:

top 10 most visited museums in the world
1. Louvre Museum: In the list of Top 10 most visited Museums in the World, the Louvre is taken 1st place. It was one of the largest and most visited museums in the world. It was located at Paris in France. The exhibited over an area of near about 652300 Sq.feet and received more than 90,00,000 visitors annually.

2. British Museum: As per attendance, the British Museum is taking 2nd place in the world. It was established in the year 1753 in London, United Kingdom. Approximately yearly visitors of this museum are around 60,00,000 nos.

3. Metropolitan Museum of Art: The Metropolitan Museum of Art established in the year 1870 in New York. It was the largest museum in the United States. Annually visitor(s) of the museum is near about 53,00,000 nos.

4. Tate Modern: Tate Modern is an art gallery located in London and established in the year 2000. The Tate Modern received approx 51,00,000 visitors per year. 

5. National Gallery: The national Gallery established in 1824 and located at Trafalgar Square, Central London in the United Kingdom. National Gallery received approximate 50,00,000 visitors/year.

6. The National Gallery of Art: The National Gallery of Art was established in the year of 1937 and located in Washington DC. It is the 6th largest museums of the world as per visitor’s attendance. Approximate 45,00,000 visitors visit per year.

7. Museum of Modern Art: Museum of Modern Art taking 7th place in most visited museum’s list. It was established in 1928 and located in New York. Modern Art’s received more than 31,00,000 visitors annually.

8. Centre Pompidou: Centre Pompidou or Pompidou Centre was a complex building, constructed by Steel Superstructure with reinforced concrete floor. The Centre Pompidou located in Paris, France. It was the largest museum of modern art in Europe and one of the 8th museums in the world as per visitor’s attendance. The Centre Pompidou has over 30,50,000 visitors per year.

9. National Museum of Korea: The National Museum of Korea was established in 1945 and located in Seoul, South Korea. The exhibited area of these museums is near about 295551 Sq.M. Approximate 30,00,000 visitors received /Year.

10. Musée d'Orsay: Musée d'Orsay was established in the year 1986 in Paris, France. It was an Art Museum. More than 29,80,000 visitors visit here per year. Musée d'Orsay taking 10th and last place in the list of top 10 most visited museums in the world.

Hope my blog readers get some information from the above articles. I am waiting for valuable comments from my visitors and any suggestion & information from my blog readers are always welcome. Thanks for reading the article regarding the Top 10 most visited Museums in the World.